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9 cleansing mistakes you don't want to make

9 cleansing mistakes you don't want to make

Once, I ran out of cleanser. The “where-is-the-scissors-so-I-can-cut-open-the-tube-to-get-errything” kind of running out of cleanser. So, off to Super Cosmetics Nyali I went. I got an OG wash I used back in the day, the Simple Kind to Skin Refreshing Facial Gel.

While going through the aisles (coz spending only 2 minutes in the store is impossible), I got chatting with someone. She wanted to know what to look for in a cleanser. Y’all know I can't shut up about skin care so I was happy to oblige.

The Process

Before heading out to the store, I go online and check out reviews. I never buy anything based on the opinion of the store attendant. I've been burned enough times.

I find out things like:

  • Does the cleanser have a low pH that will maintain the moisture barrier?
  • Does it usually work for people with my skin type?
  • What texture + consistency is it? Is it a balm? Cream? Oil? Gel? Powder? Lotion? Micellar water?
  • Do I have an issue with any of the ingredients?
  • What's the scent like? Do many people hate it? Love it? Feel meh?
  • What size is it? How much might I need per use? How long does it usually last?
  • Is it more affordable in store or online?
  • If I'm getting it online, what do the delivery costs and timelines look like? Huku hakuna Amazon Prime.

Sema details. Find out all you can before going to the store where you could get confused and buy something you don't need.

Next...Avoid these cleansing mistakes 

When you have the cleanser in your hands, girl, make the most of it. Avoid these common cleansing mistakes.

So many of us cleanse:

  • Too often
  • Not enough
  • Not at all
  • Not well enough to remove dirt and makeup
  • With dirty hands
  • With hot stripping water
  • With stripping cleansers
  • Then dry with dirty towels
  • Then we rub too hard instead of gently patting dry

Issa lot. And since cleansing is important for healthy skin, doing it wrong will lead to dry, tight, irritated skin.

So how should we cleanse?

  1. Cleansing twice a day, in the AM and PM is enough for most people, even those with oily skin. Yes girl, even in the morning, wash your face. Your pillow has sweat, dead skin cells, hair oil, sometimes drool that transfers to your face as you sleep. Wash that stuff off your face!
  2. Use a low pH cleanser that is gentle on your skin but removes all the dirt and makeup. If your face feels tight and dry after cleansing, ditch that wash, it's stripping your skin. You can check online for the cleanser’s pH or go the extra mile to measure it yourself with pH strips. I don't. I check online.
  3. Wash your hands before touching your face. Hands are filthy! Think about all the crap your hands have touched all day. You wouldn't want that in your cleanser or on your face.
  4. Apply the cleanser on your dry face and gently massage it, add some water as you go along for some slip. If you have a good cleanser, it will do all the work. No need to pull and tug.
  5. Use running lukewarm, not hot or cold water to rinse off. Extreme temperatures can strip the skin’s oils. If you can hold your hand under the water for 10 seconds and it doesn't feel too hot or cold, then you're good to go.
  6. If you prefer using a face towel to wipe off your face, make sure it's clean and damp.
  7. Air dry or pat dry your face with paper towels or clean face towels. I like to air dry or use paper towels because I'm unapologetically too lazy to wash face towels everyday.

Cleansers are essential to our skin health. Getting rid of oil, dirt and makeup is a step to clear smooth hydrated skin.

If you’re in Mombasa or Nairobi and would like a gentle face wash, head to Super Cosmetics. The Simple Kind to Skin Refreshing Facial Gel is 150ml and retails for KES 780. That's KES 0.2 per ml.

You don’t need a lot of gel per wash. I bought mine on 20th May. It’s October, 4 months later, and I still have some left. For KES 780, that is good value.

What cleansing mistakes have you made recently? I got lazy and wasn't cleansing enough while traveling. My skin got congested!

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