A Skincerely Beauty Chat with Stacey Potts

I love a good beauty chat. Products, routines, discussions on how beauty relates to culture and all that jazz. Love it. I’ve learned a lot and get inspired to try new things when people share their approach to skincare.

I don't know what my skin care routine would look like if I didn't learn from:

It's bittersweet how few beauty chats for African millennial women are on the interwebs. As Marmalade Mussolini would say, "sad." Let’s change that by sharing our stories through the series "A Beauty Chat."

In this candid series, we get to peek into the beauty closets of the Skincerely Clare community. The hope is that by sharing our skin care journeys, we will inspire others.

The first beauty chat is with Stacey Potts, a fashion and beauty blogger of Zimbabwean descent, living in the UK. We share a love for MAC lippie and sunscreen. BTW, what do you think about MAC’s recent (side-eye worthy on account of its lack of POC) Beauty Influencer Collection? I ranted about it here on Twitter.

I digress.

Stacey also has gorgeous hair. Seriously guys, look.

 Stacey Potts

Stacey Potts

A Skincerely Beauty Chat with Stacey

Hi there! I'm Stacey, a fashion and beauty blogger at ZIMZYGIRL . I'm Zimbabwean born, and currently live in the UK, studying Broadcast Journalism.

On my skin type and history

I have oily skin, back acne and slight patches of red pigmentation. I have suffered bad acne since the age of 14. It’s not so much on my face, but my back.

I can remember it starting when I tried a waxing strip. My excuse is, it was the age to experiment with beauty products! Now that I’m older, I know I’m not alone and shouldn’t be afraid to hide the acne away. It’s part of my body and I'm sure one day it will clear away.

On the worst skin care advice and experience I’ve had

The worst skin care advice I received was from my doctor. He advised me to try some tablets to clear all the acne. My personal skin care philosophy is ‘less is more’. I prefer to find something else more natural, instead of tablets. My skin prefers a more simple skincare product or ritual.

I learned this from personal experience. I have experimented in the past with a lot of skin care and makeup. I almost went through entire stores to find a suitable product. What made it worse, was I always tried something different the next day. This made my teenage spots stubborn - not going away and appearing frequently. The Neutrogena Visibly clear facial washes did the worst to me.

During school, I would look away a lot when speaking to people. I would also pop the spots before going into school. I was so self-conscious back then.

My personal skin care philosophy is ‘less is more’
— Stacey Potts

On my skin care routine

I live in a fast paced urban area and experience occasional stress and breakouts as a result. I feel if I were living in the country, I wouldn’t have to worry so much about grease or pollution in the air on my face. So the environment has me looking after my skin more. I spend 10 minutes on my morning skincare routine and 30 on the evening routine.

After my morning shower, I always moisturize. I want to make sure that my body is fed with love.

The best skin care advice I received recently was using a toner to help with my oily skin. I use the KIKO Sebum-Balancing Toner to prep my skin before makeup.

In the evening, I remove my makeup with KIKO Milano Pure Clean Eye’s and Lips make-up remover before cleansing. It helps to wake up with no smudge from leftover waterproof mascara the next day.

One of the best skin care experiences I’ve had recently was with a Forever Living product. Forever Living creates beauty and skin care products featuring Aloe. I love the face and hands wash, so does my family! It works so well with my skin, especially preparing it for bed.

When it comes to body care, I don’t sleep enough. If I did, I wouldn’t have to worry about finding ways in the morning to look refreshed.

I do keep hydrated, drinking plenty of water and green tea. I love how green tea helps clear the inside as well and the outside. We can’t forget the inside, right?!

In my daily beauty bag, I have MAC lipstick in the color Antique Velvet. OMG, this color is everything! I apply Vaseline underneath to keep my lips moisturized. Matte lipsticks can be drying.

Vaseline is actually part of my earliest skin care memory. My sister and I used E45, Nivea, and Vaseline. We have different skin types but all three products worked so well for us both.

On what I would teach my daughter about beauty

I would let my daughter know that she doesn’t have to hide away her imperfections, like spots, with makeup. Let it go away on its own. The more you leave it alone the quicker it will go away!

On my favorite…

Foundation - KIKO MILANO Skin Tone Foundation NG100

Red lipstick - MAC Matte Viva Glam 1

Nude lipstick - MAC Matte Whirl

Pink Lipstick - MAC Matte Mehr

Facial and body sunscreen - NIVEA SPF 50+

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