My skincare goals for 2018

2018 is nearly here and I’m already skinthusiastic about it. Here are my skincare goals for the year...


I want all of the brightening skincare. ALL. OF. IT.

Vitamin C, alpha arbutin, niacinamide... because I want to continue getting rid of dark spots and uneven tone.

Issa struggle. This was my main goal of 2017, it continues to 2018.


Because of eczema, hydration is a big deal for me. I want to hydrate my skin better with toners, serums, mists, essences and masks.

Multi Mask

Speaking of masks, I need to mask more often, at least once a week. Considering how much I enjoy masking, it’s astonishing how lazy I've been to do it.

Better body care

I care so much for my face, my body is lucky if it gets more than lotion. It’s a shame, I plan to rectify that and create a better body care routine.

I’ll be trying out a couple of exfoliating body lotions, shower oils, body oils and foot peels.

Take it to the tits

Whatever I use on my face, I should apply on my neck and chest. As Caroline Hirons says, #takeittothetits! I haven't been taking it to the tits.

Test more African skincare

I notice that many African skincare brands are all about physical scrubs, oils and butters.

I love my oils but gosh, can a girl get some fantastic chemical exfoliants?! So I'll be looking for brands with that extra oomph. Let me know of any.

I've got my eye on Environ and African Botanics. Their products look fab.

Have a HydraFacial at Avane Clinic Nairobi

The HydraFacial is meant to moisturize and make your skin glow. It's a combo of exfoliation, extraction and moisturizing.

I like the way it sounds. I'm curious and willing to get one.

Skincare supplements or nah?

I want to consult with a dermatologist about taking skincare supplements.

I won't be taking any collagen drinks, because that seems like a scam to me. Just eat chicken. But maybe I need fish oil or something else?

I dunno, this is why I need a consult.

Sunscreen search

I need to find a great sunscreen for dark skin locally available in Nairobi. Sure the Neutrogena UltraSheer works but IS THAT THE BEST WE HAVE?!

What are your skincare goals for 2018? Tweet and tell me!

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