What to expect from Skincerely Clare in 2018

Happy New Year!

Today we are going behind the scenes. I don't usually do this because it seems boring.

You didn't come here to find out how I get to inbox zero, you come to find out how an African millennial can create a healthy skincare routine.

But then, there are going to be some changes here, so I thought it best to share them.

In December, I sent out the first annual Skincerely Clare survey. Guess what I learned - y'all want more product reviews to make informed purchasing decisions.

And of course, your wish is my command.

What to expect on the blog in 2018

Every Tuesday, I’ll share a comprehensive product review or skincare tip. This can be an actual skincare product or an experience - like a facial/spa treatment.

But what does a good product review look like?

Honestly, we don't need another ‘ooo-it-has-shea-butter-and-smells-good-and-that-is-all-that-matters’ beauty review. We need reviews that help us make the right decision for our skin and wallet.

So expect the reviews to cover stuff like:

  • The product ingredients to note especially regarding safety, sensitivity and efficacy.

  • The product performance in comparison to its claims.

The products I choose to review will mainly be from African or African inspired clean and/or clinical skincare brands.

What to expect in the newsletter in 2018

Every Wednesday, I’ll share recent blog updates and any news I have.

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What to expect on social media in 2018

  • Twitter threads with how-tos 2-3 times a week. Follow me here.

  • Daily Insta stories where I share new skincare products, experiments and updates to my routine. Follow me here.

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The Nitty Gritty

No brand can dictate the content of the review

A brand is free to send me press releases giving the highlights of their products. BUT a brand can't send me a product and tell me what to say about it.

That's not a review, that's an ad. Which, if it is a right fit for my Glowdesses, I'm happy to do. The brand is welcome to email me and I'll send you my media kit and rate card.

Product reviews are free

I don't accept money in exchange for product reviews. This makes it easier for me to be  completely in charge of the review - text, photos, links etc.

I'm under no obligation to post a positive review, a negative review or post a review at all.

Product reviews are disclosed

When I don't purchase a product, then the products are sent to me by the brand for review. The post will clearly state so.

The testing process is thorough

All reviews will be based on personal experiences with the products. The testers are a select group of 5 Glowdesses with a range of skin types and concerns who have volunteered as tribute.

We will thoroughly test the skincare. It can take 8+ weeks to test skincare properly.

So from the time I receive the skincare, to the first impressions video newsletter and finally publishing on the blog, it can take a while.

Bear with me.


There's a lot of misleading ads out there, I'm tired. Enough is enough.

I'm not here to suck up to or bad mouth brands. I'm here to give an honest view - when I say I like or dislike a product, I'll tell you why.

If you're a brand and what me to review your products, email or DM me on Twitter or Instagram.

If you're a Glowdess and have an eye on some skincare you would like me to review, DM the deets.

Here's to a glowing 2018!