The Luxury Skincare on my Wishlist

I'm tired of most of the skincare I currently own. So I'm on a mission to finish everything up ASAP. While I do that, I'm curating 2 lists.

One with the regular skincare I’ll get to replace the current routine and another wishlist for luxury skincare.

I've tried the samples, fallen head over heels, and now I. WANT. THEM.

To Cleanse

Yeah, nothing here. I'm not spending more than US$ 30 on a cleanser. It’s not like I'm washing  Jesus’ feet.

To Brighten

To Moisturize

I rarely buy new clothes, bags or shoes. Skincare is my weakness!

And I just know there are people who will say I'm ‘wasting’ money. Abeg. Stop right there and go read this brilliant post by Sali Hughes.