The skincare lessons I learned in 2017

It's been an eventful year - Fenty Beauty (yay!), Shea Moisture (oh hell no! I mean they later tried with that beard campaign but I'm still salty).

2017 has had its beauty moments.

If you look back at your skincare journey, I'm sure you've had skincare lessons too.

Here are the (sometimes painful) skincare lessons I learned in 2017.

Less is more

Too many layers of product congests my skin.

For the PM routine, I’m good with essence or serum or mist and a cream or oil on top of that. Even a facial oil alone can do.

Otherwise, the next morning, I wake up to whiteheads.

Always check for expiration dates

I liked to think that “Best Before” dates weren't a big deal. I didn’t pay attention to them unless the product looked or smelled funny.

Y'all I accidentally used an expired niacinamide moisturizer that I’d had for a while. My face was on fire!

Lesson learned. Always check for the dates!

Over-exfoliation hurts. A lot.

I got over-enthusiastic with a new AHA exfoliant and used it twice a day for 3 days because: why-not-my-skin-is-used-to-acids.

Such arrogance.

I woke up with the most tender, painful skin on the 4th morning. It took 2 weeks of TLC to repair my moisture barrier.

All this happened in the heat of Mombasa, so I avoided the sun and lived like a vampire. I mean, that bit was great, but still.

Now I exfoliate once a day, 2 or 3 times a week, max. I also make sure to have a healing cream like the Dr.Jart Ceramidin in my routine.

Retin-A does the damn thing

I love retinoids and retinoids love me. I’ve been using Retin-A once a week for a couple of months to help with light acne.

Honestly, I’m mad I didn't try it sooner. That Vitamin A is amazing.

My skin feels so plump.

Squalane also does the damn thing

Still on the ingredient front, squalane - an oil got from olives - is so good to me!

I started using the Kudu Cosmetica squalane recently and it really has softened the skin. It's healing eczema too.

A comprehensive product review will be on the blog in January.

Money, Money, Money

OMG some premier skincare is worth every penny!

Drunk Elephant, Sunday Riley, SK-II, Sulwashoo, History of Whoo, that Dr. Murad sunscreen...

Thank goodness for sample sizes because I would never have willingly bought the full sizes.

Ever reluctantly tried something and it felt so amazing you wanted to weep? Yeah, it happened a lot to me this year.

Clearly, I have to be rich. Because I'm never living without some premier skincare. Never.

What have you learned about taking care of your skin this year? Tweet and tell me!

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