I Have Launched a Beauty Buying Service for Africans!

I’m truly, madly, deeply in love with the beauty world. This makes living in New York a skinthusiast’s dream come true . It’s honestly one of the beauty capitals of the world. There’s so much beauty stuff happening here All. The. Time. Classes, product launches, meetings... y’all be seeing what I get up to on Insta Stories.

I don’t take it for granted. Having lived in Kenya and Uganda, I understand how tough it is to get great beauty stuff there. So many of us struggle with affordable beauty delivery.

But, I’m here to help!

In the form of a personal beauty shopping service, to help anyone who for now, lives in Eastern and Southern Africa with their US based beauty shopping needs. I’m still figuring out the name of the service, let me know what you would like to call it.

Update: the service is @theglowshopco. Follow on Instagram!

The service has no hidden costs. You will get a complete cost summary before committing to the service. Basically,  you don’t receive any unpleasant surprises.

The cost summary will have the cost of the items I’m asked to purchase, any applicable taxes, delivery fees, the service fee etc. You will know exactly what you need to pay.

The service fee includes:

  • My search for and locating whatever beauty product you have asked for. I search across stores and brands. It could take hours or days, but trust me, I’ll find it.

  • Any skincare or routine advice or product ideas you need.

  • I inspect every item to make sure it’s in perfect condition. If anything is wrong, I will handle returns so that you always receive exactly what was ordered.

Got it...what do I need to do to get on this ASAP!

3 steps. Order. Pay. Receive.

  1. Order

Fill the form below  with your details. I will send you a routine if you want one with the product recommendations and the cost summary. The service is not limited to skincare. You can buy anything beauty related...makeup, hair care, body care, tools, books etc

2. Pay

You like what you see and make the payment through VISA or Mobile Money within 15 days of receiving the quote. Otherwise I will assume you aren’t interested in continuing the process.

3. Receive

I get your stuff and send it through the Post Office as the standard, most affordable option. However if you prefer a courier then:

  • For Eastern Africa I will be using Savo Store (Kenya) and UG Unlocked (Congo, Rwanda, Uganda).

  • For Southern Africa, I will use FedEx or DHL.



Receive your package and enjoy your goodies. Rinse and repeat! Responsibly of course, I would advise shopping in bulk every couple of months. There will be another post about saving while beauty shopping soon.

So my glowdess, fill in the form below with your beauty needs. Let’s get glowing!



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