5 hydrating toners for oily skin

Even oily skin needs refreshment. A great way to do this is with a hydrating toner for oily skin.

A hydrating toner is basically a skin care product formulated with water and plenty of humectants. Humectants attract and hold onto water which gives you softer, plumper skin. Humectants in skin care include hyaluronic acid, glycerin, aloe vera etc

Hydrating toners for oily skin can also reduce excess oil and calm irritation. You may not need a toner in your skin care life, but they can really improve the skin!

Hydrating toners can help the next layer of product to penetrate the skin and get to work!
After applying a hydrating toner, use a moisturizer like rosehip oil, to seal the hydration boost your skin just got!

After cleansing your face in the PM, use an exfoliating toner then follow with any of the hydrating toners above. Have you tried using a hydrating toner for oily skin before? Let me know.