heal pimples fast with bamboo extract

I have acne prone skin, so I'm always on the lookout for skin care that reduces inflammation. Cue one of my current favorites - bamboo extract.


The benefits of bamboo extract

The scientific name for bamboo extract is Bambusa vulgaris (bamboo) leaf/stem extract. It is from the common bamboo plant and has two main benefits:

  • Bamboo extract is antioxidant. Antioxidants protect the skin from premature aging, irritation and sun damage. Most plants have antioxidants, so this benefit isn't that big a deal. But it's always nice to use as many antioxidants as you can for maximum protection.

  • Bamboo extract is anti inflammatory. The Chinese have used bamboo to heal infections for years. Anything that soothes the skin helps it heal faster. Just like we need to calm our tempers to think rationally, the skin needs to chillax to function properly too.

 Liyanshijia Bamboo Salt Acne Dispelling Plaster 

Liyanshijia Bamboo Salt Acne Dispelling Plaster 


Why the Liyanshijia Bamboo Salt Acne Dispelling Plaster is a Must-Have Spot Treatment

After trying a new moisturizer, I got pimples on the forehead. They absolutely needed to go!

I'm currently on Retin-A, so I was wary of using the usual BHA exfoliant to get rid of them.My skin felt slightly dry already, I did not want to make it worse. I needed an alternative.

I began digging my usual sources and came across the articles on bamboo extract. Later in the day, I found this bamboo spot treatment. Talk about destiny.

When you have acne, the skin’s protective barrier is likely to be down. You need to restore it. With the barrier restored, it’s easier to protect the skin from acne causing bacteria.

The bamboo extract in the spot treatment will soothe and therefore help to restore the skin’s protective barrier.


How I Use the Liyanshijia Bamboo Salt Acne Dispelling Plaster

I use it in the AM and/or PM on clean skin. While doing the rest of my routine, I avoid applying anything on the pimple.

Using clean hands or a cotton bud, I apply the lotion on the pimple and gently rub it in. It dries down pretty fast, within 10 seconds. I do this every 2-3 hours. I don't apply any other skincare on the pimple.

By the end of the Day 1, the pimple has dried. By Day 2, it's gone. Completely. This bamboo extract is amazing y’all.

Find bamboo skin care at the So Fine Shop (an Asian beauty store) behind Pioneer Mall in Kampala for UGX 4500.



In addition to benzoyl peroxide, I'm excited to add this bamboo skincare to my routine. Until something better comes along, I plan to always have one in the Glow Closet!