4 tips to treat large pores and remove blackheads

Tips on how to treat large pores and remove blackheads are easily two of the skincare questions I get asked the most. 

If you have any or both concerns, then it's probably coz of genetics or age. The older you are, more likely it is to have large pores.

You can't do much about large pores and blackheads but understand the causes and then treat the skin as required.


Causes of large pores and blackheads

When the skin produces excess oil, the oil mixes with dead skin cells to create a clog in the pore. Then the pore has to enlarge to accommodate this clog and let oil flow naturally to the top of the skin. 

And it becomes a whole thing. Thanks to the clogs, there isn't enough space in the pore for the oil to flow coz of dead skin cells. So more oil mixes with more dead skin cells for an even bigger clog.

The clog grows and when the top pushes to the surface of the skin, its exposed to air, oxidizes, and forms a blackhead.


How to treat large pores and remove blackheads

1. Exfoliate regularly with a BHA

Regular exfoliation is a must for any skin care routine. Doubly so, if you have concerns like large pores and blackheads.

BHAs like salicylic acid and betaine salicylate are oil soluble and can penetrate the skin to exfoliate the pore lining and remove clogs.

2. Use skincare with niacinamide

God made man. Man made Procter & Gamble. Procter & Gamble made Olay. Olay researched niacinamide.

Aside from being a great antioxidant that gets rid of dark spots and evens skin tone, niacinamide improves the structure of the pore. Thank you Olay!

Of course, niacinamide isn't found exclusively in Olay skincare, there is plenty of skincare with it. Olay is just the easiest to find in Kenya.

3. Use clay masks

Whether it is rhassoul, bentonite, kaolin or French green  clay. DIY or not, clay is excellent at absorbing excess oil. A clay maskonce or twice a week would be helpful.

BTW don't leave a clay mask on until it's completely dry. It will absorb even the moisture your skin needs. Remove the mask when its tacky, not dry.

4. Step away from pore strips

I don't understand the Western obsession that beauty is pain. Like, why are you stretching your pores with those strips? Why? It's painful and ineffective.

Pore strips only remove the top of the blackhead, not the excess oil. The clogs will just keep coming back.

In fact, they will come back in a 2.0 version because the strips have ripped the skin (ouch) and stretched the pores. More space for dirt, excess oil and dead skin cells to wreck havoc, ya know?


In Conclusion

Getchu BHA, niacinamide and clay in your routine to treat large pores and remove blackheads. And, abeg, no pore strips. Liked this post? Share it on social and/or Pin it to help someone with blackheads and large pores. It's good karma.