How to get rid of cellulite

Let's take a quick break from #RetinolReview and talk about cellulite for a second. Because OMG I'm irked!

Let me give it to you straight, you can't get rid of cellulite.

I completely understand if you want to fight the air. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. Just like many women (and men, don't get it twisted) across the world, I have cellulite and stretchmarks.

And there's a lot of stuff out there that says it can get rid of cellulite. Massages, loofahs, brushes, creams, scrubs, wraps, suction cups,'s a veeery long list.

But they all don't work. They are temporary solutions. Anti cellulite products are one of the biggest lies in the beauty industry. There is little to no research proving the efficiency of such topical treatments in getting rid of cellulite. 

There is little to no research proving that topical treatments can permanently get rid of cellulite 

Cellulite is body fat. Any amount of fat can show up as cellulite, and since we all need a certain amount of fat in our bodies to stay healthy, you're likely to have cellulite at some point in your life. Even babies can have cellulite.

Since cellulite is body fat, it can be reduced by processes that break down fat. A point that is backed by the Beauty Brains. Rubbing a brush, coffee scrub, cream or lotion on the skin can't alter fat deposits and permanently get rid of cellulite. 

Coffee scrubs are a popular anti cellulite products because theoretically, caffeine can get rid of cellulite. But:

  • There isn't enough caffeine in any coffee scrub on the market to get rid of cellulite.

  • Coffee scrubs are made with oil. Coffee is water soluble so the caffeine is blocked by the oil and can't get to the skin.

  • Caffeine absorption can take an hour or two. We don't leave a coffee scrub on for that long.

If you look closely at the labels of anti cellulite products, they usually say the product will "reduce the appearance of cellulite." That's another way to say it won't get rid of it.

Y'all cellulite isn't life threatening, let's embrace ourselves and buy some Fenty Beauty with the ndururus we would have lost on anti cellulite products.

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