Rohto Mentholatum Acnes C 10 Vitamin C Serum

A couple of months ago, I was running errands in Nyali Centre when I came across the Rohto Mentholatum Acnes C 10 Vitamin C serum. 

A locally available brightening serum?! My experimental self had to test it out. So here we are, after I emptied out the contents, with a product review.

 Rohto Mentholatum Vitamin C Serum

Rohto Mentholatum Vitamin C Serum


Ethoxydiglycol, propylene glycol, ascorbic acid 10%, water, dipropylene glycol, citrus grandis (grapefruit) fruit extract, butylene glycol, trimethyl glycine, fragrance.

Ingredient yays

  • Ascorbic Acid 10% for brightening. 15% would be ideal, but there's nothing else in the local market…

  • Plenty of glycols which are hydrating skincare ingredients.

Ingredients nays

  • Grapefruit extract and fragrance may irritate the skin.

  • Butylene glycol may trigger acne.

  • There aren't any preservatives. I actually kept this in the fridge once opened to aid with preservation.

 Look at that brightening and hydrating ingredients list!

Look at that brightening and hydrating ingredients list!


“Brightens dull skin and acne bruises"

My skin was definitely smoother and brighter after a couple of weeks of using this serum. We have the exfoliating action of Ascorbic Acid to thank for that.

However, it didn't do much for the dark acne scars I had. I got rid of those with a combo of other brightening skincare.

“Heals acne scars, shrinks pores and smooths the skin"

This serum doesn't shrink pores. No serum can shrink pores because that's not how pores work. You can't physically shrink them with a serum.

I had a couple of whiteheads before I used this serum. They were healed overnight. I believe the hydrating glycols in the formula helped.

Application and Feel

 Cute dropper, right?

Cute dropper, right?

I typically use Vitamin C serums in my morning routine, before moisturizer and/or sunscreen and this was no different. I do this because Vitamin C can boost sun protection.

The serum smells like powdered oranges. It's a ‘meh’ fragrance to me, it disappears in few seconds.

On application, this stung for a couple of seconds. I DID NOT appreciate that even though there was a warning on the package.

The serum itself is an orange liquid. 2-3 drops were enough for my face. It spreads easily and takes 3-5 minutes to absorb.

It feels like a sticky oil while it's absorbing, I was surprised by that. I didn't like the tacky feel. Thankfully, it doesn't last.

I ended up adding a drop or two of the serum to moisturizer so that it would sting less and reduce on wait times before sunscreen.


Packaging is so important when it comes to Vitamin C products! Especially, when it’s Ascorbic Acid, which is notoriously unstable. Exposure to light and air can cause oxidation, compromising the quality.

The serum comes in a 15 ml amber glass bottle with a dropper. 15 ml sounds little, but it lasts. I used 2-3 drops once daily and it lasted 3-4 months.

It's easy to open and use the dropper.

The pro with the packaging is that the serum is in a dark bottle which reduces the amount of light that can enter.

The con with the packaging is every time you open the bottle to use the serum, you expose it to air. However, for the 3-4 months I used the serum, it never oxidized.

Another con is that it's a light glass bottle. It’s easy to break so you should be careful where you place it on the counter. Or if you're traveling.

 Nay to the packaging

Nay to the packaging

Who would benefit from this?

  • If you have dull skin that needs brightening.

  • If you have no issue with any of the ingredients.

  • If you're in Kenya and can't buy a Vitamin C serum online.

  • If you're in Kenya and want to see how your skin reacts to Ascorbic Acid.

Would I repurchase?

No. I've had better brightening results with The Ordinary and Drunk Elephant. I'll continue purchasing my Vitamin C serums online.

Cost and where to buy

The serum costs KES 2500 which is about US$ 25. In Kenya, you can find it at:

  • Jumia Kenya
  • Super Cosmetics
  • Good Life Pharmacy

Have you tried this serum before? What was your experience? Tweet and tell me!