5 lightweight moisturizers for dry skin

Over the years, I've learned that treating dry skin is not all about heavy creams. Heavy creams are deal breaker if:

  1. you're acne prone like I am. Because: whiteheads.

  2. you detest skincare products that leave a greasy film. Because: no.

Genetics, the weather, climate, pollution, sun damage, medicine or a combination of all these can cause dry skin.

Thankfully, over the years, I've also come across great moisturizers for dry skin. Here is a list of well formulated lightweight moisturizers for dry skin that absorb well.

1-2 times a week, gently exfoliate dry skin with an AHA to help your moisturize absorb and work better.

I know the norm for dry skin is rich creams or lotions. But a lightweight moisturizer could work well too! What is your favorite moisturizer for dry skin? Let me know!