April favorites

April was great. Cool weather, I got my first article in a national magazine and met several interesting people. I had minimal skin issues and bought some great skincare. Check out the Skincerely Clare April favorites...

 April favorites 

April favorites 

Dove Soap Bars

After a horrible reaction to a Bath and Body Works wash, I went back to this OG body bar. It has always worked well when I have body irritations like eczema.

My skin has completely healed because unlike most soaps on the market, Dove bars don't suck your skin dry. It feels clean and soft, not tight, after a shower.

The skin needs moisture and hydration to heal - washing with the right soap is important.

Dove soap bars are UGX 5000 - 6000 at most major supermarkets.


Aveeno Skin Relief Nourishing Lotion

I follow the Dove shower with this Aveeno Lotion. I ran out of my holy grail Aveeno Eczema Therapy after an eczema episode and decide to pick this up at Good Life Pharmacy for general maintenance.

The Aveeno Skin Relief is fragrance free and has a lot of oats - the oil, flour and extract. That's great, because oats are great at soothing skin when it’s irritated. This lotion absorbs fast with no greasy feel. Perfect for when you need to dash out the door.

The lotion is UGX 54000 at Good Life Pharmacy.


Liyanshijia Bamboo Salt Acne Dispelling Plaster

This random purchase is one of the best spot treatments I've ever used. The star ingredient is bamboo which I had just learned is used for acne and healing in Asia.

I got it at an Asian skincare store called 'So Fine' behind Pioneer Mall in Kampala for UGX 4500.



My dermatologist upped the Retin-A use from once to twice a week since March. So I’ve had to change my routine. The only actives I use these days are Retin-A twice a week and AHA/BHA peel once a week.

I'm loving my skin thus far. It’s clear, soft, smooth and feels plump! My Disney-esque imagination sees baby collagen being born everyday.

I've had this tube since last year, where I bought it at around KES 2000 in Pharmaplus Pharmacy.

What are your April favorites?