Kudu Cosmetica Squalane Oil

Last year, the lovely Angelica from the South African brand - Kudu Cosmetica, sent me some skincare. The first product I tried was the Kudu Cosmetica Squalane oil.

I'm so in love guys.

 Meet bae

Meet bae


Squalane (Phytosqalan)

Ingredient yays

Just one - Squalane aka facial oil of the gods.

I'd been eyeing squalane for most of last year because of its proven moisturizing benefits. Squalene is a lipid naturally present in the skin and keeps it soft, smooth and protected.

But when squalene oxidizes (reaction when exposed to air) it produces squalene peroxide, which can cause acne. Factors like environmental pollution, alcohol, smoking and sun damage can cause squalene oxidation.

Squalane is a derivative of squalene. It is highly saturated and less likely to break down in the presence of air so it has a longer shelf life than squalene. It also moisturizes like a dream.

Ingredients nays

Nothing to see here. Squalane is bae.




The Kudu Squalane is a facial oil that claims to:

“Soften, nourish and replenish your skin instantly.”

Squalane prevents the loss of hydration which helps to keep skin soft. I love applying Kudu’s Squalane on top of a hydrating toner.

My skin instantly feels soft and flexible.

“Helps skin retain natural moisture, improving texture and tone, leaving skin silky-smooth to the touch without an oily or greasy after-feel.”

Squalane is an emollient. Emollients fill in the spaces between skin cells which makes your skin feel smoother.

Since squalane is an emollient and natural part of sebum, it may also help other ingredients spread better. So any hydrating skincare I use before penetrates and works better.

My skin texture and elasticity has definitely improved. I use actives like niacinamide, Alpha Arbutin and Vitamin C to improve my skin tone so I don't really know how much this oil improves skin tone.

Also, a non greasy oil? Yes fam. Once absorbed, the Kudu Squalane doesn't leave a greasy look or finish. In fact, I get this gorgeous glow. Like a K-drama actor.

“A luxurious, light-weight natural moisturizer perfect for all skin types.”

Squalane is non-comedogenic i.e. doesn't clog pores. It is non-irritating upto 100% concentration and works for all skin types.

Squalane is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. I have normal to dry skin that's prone to eczema and acne. I hit the jackpot with squalane - it helps to heal both skin conditions.

My face has not felt irritated, clogged or congested in all the weeks I've been using squalane.

Application and Feel

 How to use...slather everywhere, even your bank account!

How to use...slather everywhere, even your bank account!

I typically use facial oils as the last step in my evening routine. So Kudu’s Squalane has been the last step in my routine since the first week of December. I do this to lock in hydration from water based skincare like toners, serums or essences.

I haven't used a cream or lotion moisturizer with the squalane. It's hot in Kampala these days, a facial oil is enough.

There is no added fragrance and the squalane initially smelled like olive oil to me. No surprise there, because Kudu’s Squalane is derived from mediterranean grown sustainable olives.

Mini Tangent:

Squalane can be derived from shark liver too. I don't deal with brands that aren't sustainable, you shouldn't either. Squalane derived from plants is just as good, it has the same chemical structure. Don't be cruel, leave the sharks alone!

End of Tangent.

Where was I? Yes, the oil initially smelled like olives, but now, I don't know if it ever smelled that way, it seems odourless-ish.

So if you're not a fan of the olive smell, don't worry, it disappears!

Kudu’s Squalane is a colorless oil which spreads easily. I pump 2 drops on my palm for the face and 2 drops for the neck and chest.

As I mentioned above, there's a slightly greasy feel after application but it disappears.


Squalane is stable in different light, temperature and air. So honestly, all I considered for the Kudu Squalane packaging was the possibility of microbial contamination and aesthetics.

On both counts, Kudu Cosmetica gets top marks.

The squalane comes in a 30 ml amber glass bottle with a pump. I’ve been using about 4 drops every day for the last 6 weeks and as you can see, there's plenty left.

 4 drops per day...but there's still plenty left

4 drops per day...but there's still plenty left

I love the pump top, it means I don't need to open the bottle and risk contamination. You need to apply a little pressure to pump the oil, which I like. Less chances of accidentally pumping more than you need or leaking when traveling.

There's a clear cap on the pump which you easily remove. The cap is another shield to protect against contamination.

Aesthetically, I love how minimalist the packaging is. All black and white and neutrals. Yes please!

The only con with the packaging is that it's a glass bottle so you should be careful while handling.

Who would benefit from this?

  • All skin types especially if your skin barrier is compromised i.e. dry, sensitive, dehydrated, acne prone, eczema etc

  • If you're in South Africa and want to try high quality squalane.

  • If you can't get your hands on or want an alternative to The Ordinary Squalane.

Would I repurchase?

Yes. 1000 times yes. It has quickly acquired Holy Grail status in the Glow Closet.

While the bottle I'm using was gifted, I'll definitely be making several Kudu Squalane purchases. #SupportAfricanBrands

Cost and Where to buy

Kudu Cosmetica has an online store based in South Africa. It ships locally and internationally. Praise God!

The Kudu Squalane costs R 369 ZAR which is about US$ 30.


As if it didn't have enough going for it, I learned that squalane is great for the hair. It offers heat protection, stops moisture loss and prevents breakage. Sounds amazing, but I don't know how well that would work on my 4B hair.

And I'm not planning to test that with the 30ml I have. Even though it's short, I rock a thick crown. The squalane would be finished in 2-3 washes. I'll save it for my face, thanks. Coconut oil will continue to do for my hair.

Have you ever used squalane on your skin or hair before? Tweet and tell me!