My Minimalist In-Flight Skincare Routine

The air in a plane is notoriously dry. And when you have dry skin like I do, things can go south quick. When I wanted to curate an in-flight skincare routine, I came across sooo many people using sooo many things.

Honestly, I can't.

I just want to read a book and sleep - so my in-flight skincare routine needs only the essentials.

 Huggies favorite travel wipes. Also dependable Vaseline.

Huggies favorite travel wipes. Also dependable Vaseline.


The first thing I do is whip out my baby wipes to remove sweat and dust my skin may have caught on the way to the airport. I love baby wipes.

They are in every supermarket, stronger, wetter and gentler on my skin than regular facial wipes. They also clean any messes and spills in a pinch. I love a multi-tasker.

I never bother with wipes when I'm home, but they're essential for travel!


Always carry a couple of cotton rounds. If you would like, before or after using a wipe, soak a cotton round with bottled water and swipe.



I picked this hydrating tip from K-beauty. It's called the 3, 5 or 7 skin method.

After cleansing, I apply 3-7 layers of hydrating toner to keep my skin soft and plump throughout the flight.

I apply 1 layer, let it absorb for a couple of seconds, apply the 2nd, let it absorb and so on. I stop the layering when my skin feels like it's not absorbing any more. Usually that's between 3-5 layers.

The toner you choose should be free of exfoliants, fragrance, alcohol or any other potential irritants because you’re applying several layers.


I decant the toner into a travel size bottle. If you're in Kenya or Uganda check Miniso for travel size bottles. 2 for UGX 9900.

 Miniso Travel Containers

Miniso Travel Containers



After adding hydration to the skin, seal it in with a moisturizer. I'm currently loving gel creams, so the Simple Vital Vitamin Night Cream is one of my favorite moisturizers to travel with. It's fragrance-free and soothing with chamomile.

I also carry pure Vaseline or NIVEA petroleum jelly (blue tub) to moisturize my lips, eye area, hands, cuticles and any other dry spot during the flight.


Miniso has travel cosmetics containers but if you can't get those, you know these lip balms for UGX 1000 on Kampala streets? Buy one, remove and toss all contents, wash, boil and let it dry completely. Scoop some moisturizer into it with a clean tool. You have a travel size moisturizer!

 Toner and Moisturizer

Toner and Moisturizer


If a flight is more than 5 hours - because that's how long it takes for my skin to feel dry in-flight, then I repeat the steps. What about you? Do you have an in-flight skincare routine? What is it? Let me know!