Super O’BAO Baobab Oil

Yes, I'm reviewing another African seed oil today! Back in June/July 2017, I went to Healthy U to pick up rosehip oil.

It was out of stock. And I marveled at how Kenya, the world's top exporter of cut flowers, doesn't have more rosehip oil manufacturers.

I was about to leave the store when I saw a cute yellow package that turned out to be Kenyan made Super O’BAO Baobab Oil.

 Super O’BAO baobab Oil 

Super O’BAO baobab Oil 

I hadn't used baobab oil before, so I thought, why not? And bought it.


Unrefined baobab oil

Ingredient yays

Baobab oil.The oil is derived from the seeds of the fruit of the baobab tree.

Yes, my Kenyan people, our delicious red seed snack - mabuyu. The tree that is synonymous with National Geographic photos of African sunsets.

Parts of the baobab tree are used to treat different conditions.

The fruit pulp (the white part, if you're familiar with the fruit) is rich in vitamin C which has me thinking about trying smoothies with baobab fruit powder. But that's a post for another day.

When it comes to skincare, baobab oil is used for moisturizing.

 Gotta love simple formulas!

Gotta love simple formulas!

Ingredients nays

Not one nay. Not one.


From the website, the Super O’BAO Baobab Oil claims its benefits are:

“Skin moisturizer and rejuvenator”

The oil has high levels of palmitic and oleic fatty acids. Both are made by the body but when there is a deficiency, then your skin can be dry, scaly and flaky.

In my case, eczema happens. So I need to use oils rich in oleic acid - like baobab oil - to moisturize.

Rejuvenation? Well, baobab oil has fatty acids which help to repair and renew skin cells. My skin definitely feels softer and smoother after using baobab oil.

 Does it do what it says it does?

Does it do what it says it does?

“Anti inflammatory properties”

Baobab oil also contains linoleic acid, a fatty acid that is anti inflammatory. This has worked out really well for healing the eczema patches on my skin.

On clean skin, I use a 1% hydrocortisone cream to soothe itching, let it absorb and layer baobab oil on top.

“Easily absorbed”

Once again with the palmitic and oleic fatty acids. Both of them penetrate the skin really well. So yes, this oil absorbs fast.

Baobab oil is also rich in linoleic acid, so it has a thinner consistency that helps with absorption.

It's my favorite oil to use after a night shower because it would have absorbed in minutes after application. It doesn't sit for a while like shea or cocoa butter.

“Repair of damaged hair”

I haven't used the oil on my hair. I stick to pure coconut oil on my crown.

Application and Feel

 I love the color!

I love the color!

I began by using the Super O'BAO Baobab Oil on my face. It felt heavy, even though I have normal to dry skin. At first, all was well and I even did a mini review on Instagram and in the newsletter.

But then, my skin felt congested after a few weeks and I knew it was too rich for my face.

So I switched it to use just on the body, which is less sensitive. I'm glad, it has really helped with the body eczema!

I typically use it alone or mixed with shea butter after a shower.

There is no added fragrance, so the oil smells like nuts, which my Itesot self doesn't mind. Nuts are in my blood. If you can't stand the smell of nuts, don't worry, it disappears in a few seconds.

Super O’BAO Baobab Oil is golden yellow and spreads easily. 1-2 pumps is enough for a limb.

There's a slightly greasy feel after application but once the oil absorbs, it's glow time!


 Yellow pop!

Yellow pop!

Baobab oil is extremely stable and has a shelf life of 2-5 years. So just like Kudu’s squalane, all I considered for the Super O’BAO packaging was the possibility of microbial contamination and aesthetics.

The baobab oil is 50ml in a white opaque plastic bottle with a pump.

I have 2 issues with the pump:

  • it releases a lot of oil.That's how 1-2 pumps is enough for a leg or arm.

So if you're planning to use the oil on your face, I'd advise unscrewing the top and using a dropper to get just what you need.

  • While the package is all plastic (so travel friendly), the pump also makes it easy for the oil to leak.

The plus about the pump is it reduces the chances of microbial contamination. You won't be dipping your fingers in the product to get some.

There's a security seal on the pump which you easily remove before using the oil for the first time.

Aesthetically, I love the pop of yellow on the label, it's what made me notice the oil on the shelf in the first place!

Who would benefit from this?

  • If you have dry skin.

  • If you have damaged skin e.g. eczema.

  • If you're in Kenya and want to try pure baobab oil.

Would I repurchase?

Yes. I have about 3 times. For my body, not my face. 50ml worth of baobab oil doesn't last long when you use it on the body.

Also #SupportAfricanBrands

The company that makes the oil, Elekea Ltd, works with farmers to ensure sustainable harvesting. They also educate the locals on the importance of the baobab tree because most of them were clearing the trees for farm land.

I love this approach!

Cost and Where to buy

Super O’BAO Baobab Oil is stocked in Healthy U stores. You can also get in touch with the company on Facebook and Instagram.

I haven't seen the oil in Healthy U Kampala, so I wonder what's up with that.

The baobab oil costs KES 420 which is about US$ 4.

Have you ever used baobab oil on your skin or hair before? Tweet and tell me!