Face Oils from Ximshea

Last time I told y’all shea butter and argan oil aren't the only African seed oils out there.There is much more to try, like sour plum/ximenia oil.

I also mentioned how ximenia oil is fantastic for dry skin but is difficult to find anywhere but Southern Africa.


It's in Uganda! One of my lovely Ugandan readers, @Bijuli said she knew a brand that sells it and put me in touch with the owner!

Ximshea has 100% pure, cold-pressed marula and ximenia oil in the most beautiful packaging I've ever seen a Ugandan beauty brand have.

Stella, the lovely owner of Ximshea, gifted me both oils.

 Look how pretty!

Look how pretty!

What is ximenia oil?

Ximenia oil is extracted from the seeds of the sour plum or wild plum shrub aka Ximenia americana.

What's so great about ximenia oil?

Southern Africans, especially Namibians, know what's up. For generations, ximenia oil has been used to moisturize the hair and skin.

It's loaded with oleic acid, so if you have dry rough skin that needs softening or need to heal the moisture barrier, try some ximenia oil.

How would you use ximenia oil?

In it's 100% unrefined, cold-pressed form, ximenia oil is sticky.

Unrefined means the oil has only been screen filtered, which retains its richness. Cold pressed means the oil wasn't extracted with heat, so it maintains all its benefits.

The Ximshea oil is unrefined and cold pressed. Double win! Grab a bottle (or five) and add it to your routine in different ways:

  • Straight up, especially if you want something almost as occlusive as petroleum jelly, that's not petroleum jelly.

  • Add a drop or two + your preferred liquid to a clay or mud mask. When you rinse away the mask, some of the oil would stay behind leaving a subtle glow.

  • Add a drop or two to a hydrating toner or aloe vera gel to hydrate and moisturize.

  • Add a drop or two to a moisturizer to soothe dry skin.

  • DIY mist inspired by Gothamista to refresh your skin during the heat or cold weather. Make a little at a time e.g. 30ml - because there are no preservatives in this mix. So 30ml would look like: 80% (24ml) GNLD Aloe Vera Plus + 10% (3ml) pure glycerine + 10% (3ml) ximenia oil.

  • As treatment for chapped lips.

  • As a PM eye moisturizer.

Now, about marula oil

Because Ximshea has it too! Unfiltered and cold pressed.

Marula is well known. Hello Amarula! Hello Kudu! Hello DECIEM! Bye to Drunk Elephant. Because there is no way I'm buying marula oil at that crazy price when S.A. ‘cousins’ can get me the same quality for less than half the price.

The oil is extracted from the seeds of the Marula tree.

Marula oil is rich in oleic acid, and works better for dry skin. But it's a light oil which isn't sticky and absorbs really fast, so if you have oily skin, you might like it too.

Where to find Ximshea

Come get your bottles of ximenia and marula oil from Ximshea at the Kinks and Kurls Expo.

It’s this Saturday, 25th March, 2018 at Hilltop Naguru from 11am-6pm. Tickets for adults are UGX 20,000 and kids UGX 10,000. Get your tickets here.

I'll be there too! Come through and ask me all your skincare questions.

If you can't make it to the expo, purchase from Ximshea here. They deliver within Kampala City. #SupportAfricanBrands